Folk World 5/10/14

If all cardiologists understood the human heart as well as Suzie Brown does in her music, we could save a lot more lives. OK, that line is rather obvious in this extremely rare situation that we have here: a cardiologist (Harvard grad no less) releasing an album of her original music. I guess the other cliché that comes up is that she should stick to her day job, but based on this evidence, she should continue doing both. She has a light country approach with a nod toward pop music. I like the folkier moves in “28 Days”, which moves in mysterious ways along a lovely acoustic guitar melody. The songs are all catchy and lyrically decent enough, although I’m not sure about the advice to ‘not throw away my receipt for love’. Eleven songs later, you should leave this album with a good feeling as the mood and music should put a smile on your face and leave you ready to face your day or evening.